Acronym's for VDF

Vascular Disease Foundation
Vigili Del Fuoco (Italian Fire Brigade)
Variable Digital Filter
Virginia Department of Forestry
Vertical Diffusion Furnace (semiconductor manufacturing)
Variable Data Field
Very High Frequency Direction Finding System
Vehicle Deployment Function
Voltage Divider Formula (electronics)
Vacuum Dewatered Flooring (construction)
Vidange de Fond (French)


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VDF is what is known as an LLL.com or a 3 letter .com domain name, this means that is consists of letter - letter - letter.com

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About VDF.com

VDF.com was first created in December 1993! - that makes it an extremely old LLL.com


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Other possible acronyms for VDF
Virus Definitions
Visual DataFlex
Verband Deutscher Fitness
Virus Definition File
Vietnam Development Forum
Van Drunen Farms
VHF Direction Finder
Variable Data Fields
Verband Der Fleischwirtschaft
Verband Der Führungskräfte
VHF Direction Finding
Virus Definition Files
vertical dual fields
Velocity Distribution Functions
Verband Deutscher Forstbaumschulen
Vereinigung Der Fussballer
Ventilated Double Facade
Variable Data File
Valor Data Feed
Vehicle Defect Form
Village Defence Forces
Variable Definition File
Voluntary Disclosure Form
Volume Directory File
VSCS Distribution Frame
Velocity Distribution Function
Variable Density Flow
Virtual Deforestation
View Definition File
Village Development Fund
Vulgar Display of Firepower
Variable Data Format
Village Defense Forces
Visiting Defence Fellows
Verein Deutsches Forschung
Virology Diagnostic Fee
Vitatype Digital Fonts
Voice Direction Finder
Vehicle Docking Facilities
Virginia Division of Forestry
Visual Data Flow
Vehicle Damage Factor
Vehicle Damage Factors
Vista Detention Facility
Virus-like density fractions
Verband Deutscher Flugleiter
Vancouver diabetic fatty Zucker